Sag ‘em proper

It’s fun to see how the outsiders watching the olympics love talking about how the olympic slopestyle athletes love to show their under garments, wearing their pants below their waist. Wether you sag your pants low or keep them at your waist, you will find both the Generals and the Lieutenants will keep you looking a little more proper with the sag.

Funny article, Give it a read.

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The Big Picture

Our friends Chris Logan and Parker White have teamed up and created “The Big Picture.”  This is their first released project, and we can’t wait for more skiing to come from these two and friends! Give it a look.

Flip the Script- Ahmet Dadali

Check out Ahmet Dadali – Flip The Script

Ahmet has been reppin’ Treefort since the beginning and is one of our favorite skiers in the game due to his creativity and G’d up style in both urban and backcountry environments.  KP, one of the Treefort Lifestyles co-owners, has had the opportunity to travel with Ahmet to capture his antics on a camera as well as the Lafa Crew.  Here is installment 1 of Flip The Script.  Enjoy!

Smoksho is dedicated to posting hot women in cool products everyday.  Check out our Lieutenant suspenders on Smoksho model Hailee Lautenbach.




Ahmet Dadali and Phil Casabon have been cruisin’ the streets and mountains of Les Arcs France after the Redbull Line Catcher has been cancelled.  When the snow is bad on the mountain they take it to the streets, where they seem to get permission to hit almost every choice urban feature they see.  And when it snows, they can be found deep in the mountains with the locals hiking to sneaky lines to find un-touched snow.

b-dog strapped

B-Dog gettin ready.

ahmet and b at fire station

Phil and Ahmet after jibbing this Fire House.


Jeff Kohnstamm’s Style

Jeffrey Konhstamm lying down a fresh edit of his 2013 shots.  He is a Mt Hood Local transplanted to SLC, UT. This kids got style, and slow motion