Day Dreamin’ at Deception Pass by Preston Hoffman

Day Dreamin’ at Deception Pass by Preston Hoffman

I’m not sure if it was the light rain hitting my bedroom window, or the view of fog lurking through the trees outside my house, but sometimes you just feel it the moment you wake up. Maybe it’s the weekend, or maybe you got lucky enough to have a day off in the middle of the week. Either way, you feel it in your bones and the angsty thoughts of exploring is what drives you to leave. The biggest obstacle can be getting yourself to actually do it.
On the way to Deception Pass
Not really having a destination in mind, I decided to either head south towards Seattle, or North towards Vancouver. I quickly got dressed, grabbed my camera bag, Travelers Trunk, Nectar Protector, and I was set to go. A cup of coffee later, South seemed like a good direction for this journey. After firing up the whip, I headed down I5 to see what was in store for the day. Along the way thoughts of a coastal scene seemed like an appropriate fit for the wet weather, and the nearest place for that was Deception Pass. Cruising through rural farm land, the anticipation grew as the fog started to part. Finally, after a break in the trees I was faced with the vast views of Oak Harbor.

Hiking with the Travelers Trunk

Getting out and walking around the Deception Pass bridge, watching water rush into Skagit Bay brought me the type of serenity I was searching for. Hopping from cove to cove along the rocky cliffs of the harbor, each zone offered it’s own climate and unique landscape. Whether you wanted daunting bluffs to quench your thrill for heights, or your own little private cove to sit back and relax, Oak Harbor offered something for everyone. I spent the afternoon daydreaming while driving down the harbor road, frequently stopping to try a new trail or check out a different beach. Finding new zones I had never seen before, every stop had me thinking it was better than the last. After chatting with a park ranger, he informed me that hurricane winds were about to hit and that seemed like a good time to hit the road.
Deception Pass Bridge
With views of Deception Pass slowly fading in my rear view, it occurred to me how great the day was and how little the effort was I had to put in to achieve it. A few bucks in gas, small packed lunch, notepad stored in my traveler's trunk, and it brought me an overall extremely satisfying day and mental break from the hectic work week. From the safety and comfort of my house, sometimes the thoughts of driving somewhere and exploring seems like a lot of hassle. But that’s where you can be deceived. Breaking through that mentality can give you just enough to push to get outside and possibly be surprised with finding your new favorite spot. It can spark inspiration, creativity, peace of mind, or just bring a smile to your face, and sometimes that’s all you need. Even if it’s just driving down the road, getting outside and soaking up what mother nature has to offer can do a lot. Pursuing that gut feeling to get outside will always bring you a sense of peace and happiness.

The Lookout Camera Strap

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