Denim Travelers Trunks and Forager Bags are now LIVE

Denim Travelers Trunks and Forager Bags are now LIVE

Denim seems to go with pretty much everything and is the perfect mix of style, function, and ruggedness. We have been cycling through different styles and fabrics over the years but the classic look of denim has been calling.  

When we were making Travelers Trunks out of the garage and office nearly 10 years ago, we used canvas and denim nearly all the time. Eventually when we switched to production, we moved to a more waterproof fabric called Cordura which was nice because it is very rugged, waterproof, and the edges don't fray (helpful in production).  We missed the natural look and feel of canvas and denim.

After years of a break from these fabrics, we are getting to see how the old denim trunks have worn in, and we are blown away. They almost seem to have gotten better with the wear and tear, something that makes us very happy.


When we received the first samples, quality of work was amazing but something wasn't right. The denim felt too floppy to us, and the sample didn't have the rigidity and rugged feel we wanted.  We certainly didn't want to find new fabric after being so pleased with the feel and the color that we had. After chatting with the manufacturers we decided to back the same denim fabric with a waterproof membrane which is heat pressed on the raw denim before the bag was cut out and built. This added tons of rigidity and strength which is what we were looking for and we also got the bonus that the denim Foragers and Travelers Trunks wont let water soak through like most denim!

What is denim?  Denim is a sturdy cotton fabric made from using a twill style weave threads. Blue, or indigo is the most common color of denim, and the look comes one thread (warp thread) being died while the other (weft thread) is left white. This creates the worn area to be a lighter color than the original color of the fabric.


Now comes the decisions... Black or Blue denim? Forager or Travelers Trunk?  We can give you a few pointers.  For starters, how big is your phone? If your phone is an iPhone Plus or larger (6.25 inches x 3 inches) than your going to want a Forager Bag for this. If your phone is smaller like an iPhone 12 (5.75 inches x 2.8 inches) then both options are going to be gold for you and it is just a matter of what you need to carry. 

If you are a minimalist and don't want to allow yourself the space to carry more, grab a Travelers Trunk and keep it light. If you think you need a bit more room, but still don't want something the size of a purse or fanny pack, you will love the Forager.

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