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About Treefort Lifestyles

Can you remember how freeing it was to build your first tree-fort as a kid? Having no rules and zero carpentry skills, heading into the woods with a hammer and nails, you were able to create a simple structure that gave you tons of freedom.

Treefort Lifestyle Products comes from the idea of doing it yourself, learning from mistakes, and fixing problems using what you’ve got. With no previous sewing experience we embrace this ”building a treefort” approach and started learning how to sew while designing the first Treefort Lifestyle products for our ski and snowboard friends. Today we work with several manufacturers to produce our custom line of outdoors inspired travel accessories.

Treefort Lifestyles - Office

Treefort Lifestyles located in the Pacific North West

By following our own path, we have created a unique line of products that are made to help you keep chill while you are on the move. Treefort Lifestyles gear is made to hold up to our active, wet, and outdoorsy lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest, giving them strength to go everywhere.


Send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Treefort Lifestyles
PO Box 674
Welches, Oregon 97067

If you have any questions contact us at: orders@treefortlifestyles.com