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About Us

About Treefort Lifestyles

The Story

Meeting in college, the two original owners were celebrating Thanksgiving in Utah when the idea to design products that solve everyday issues arose. With no sewing or design experience, both started piecing together fabric, velcro, and elastic. It felt like being kids stealing Dad’s hammer, nails, and wood to build a fort. In 2013 Treefort Lifestyles released a suspender and neck wallet design while crafting in bedrooms and garages of rental houses. Today you will find us in a small design studio in Welches, OR, where we design, create, ship, and display our products.

The Process

Our design space allows us to turn our concepts into reality. We start with a product idea and then select the materials we want to use. From there, we create the first prototypes and rigorously test each design so we can make quick changes until we are confident in the final outcome. While we build Treefort’s smaller items in our studio in Welches, OR, we also work with a number of U.S. factories to manufacture products once we can no longer keep up with demand.

Treefort Lifestyles is made in America

Treefort Lifestyles

Made in the USA

Products that are made in America have been on the decline since the late ’90s. The reason why we produce our products in the States is simple. We believe in providing and creating jobs for future generations while maintaining a high level of labor standards. By manufacturing domestically, we can always guarantee safe working conditions, environmental regulations and a quality of goods that we can stand behind with confidence.


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If you have any questions contact us at: orders@treefortlifestyles.com