Perspectives by Kevin Perron

Perspectives by Kevin Perron

I have been very interested in the "Perspectives" blog posts to be able see how other people view our products and mindset. As a co-owner of Treefort Lifestyles I am very excited to share some of my mentality and behind the scenes of Treefort Lifestyles.  
Photo: Brady Perron

I grew up in a little town called Sunapee NH, I spent most of my free time skiing in the winter and enjoying the lakes in the summer. I was blessed to grow up with an awesome family in a great area offering easy access and inexpensive outdoor activities. I know this has had a huge influence on where I am and what I do today.
(The original concept for our logo)
After high school I went to Champlain College where I studied business and continued being drawn to the ski community. Through our like mindedness, Jeff Curry and I quickly became best friends in college. As we built business plans in college, we never expected to actually start a brand together. After graduating I moved to Salt Lake City Utah to ski and work. Three years later Jeff drove down from Mt. Hood Oregon to celebrate Thanksgiving, and we designed a pair of suspenders, made the drawing above and started Treefort!
(Welcome to the office)
For two years, Jeff and I lived in our separate locations and communicated often to try and foster our ideas. During this time the brand started getting a bit more serious month after month, and a change was needed if we wanted to do this right. All signs pointed me straight to Mt. Hood, Oregon. It was an easy decision to pack up and send it north.
(A ride along on a full moon at Mt. Hood)

Getting to Mt. Hood was amazing for me coming from city life. It felt a lot like growing up as a kid, spending lots of time in the outdoors. I have been trying to bring a camera with me when on adventures, and these are some of the reasons why I love living here.
(A very relaxing place)
(Out fishing on the Sandy River)
(Old gold mine shaft)
(Always on the Lookout, my favorite camera strap)
(Camping on the point at Timothy Lake with Chris, Chris, and Chris)
(Brandon Pastucka headed to the river)
I am a huge fan of people buying our products for unintended uses. We have really made an effort to keep our product simple and functional for this reason. 
(My current Travelers Trunk)

I bring my Travelers Trunk with me everywhere, always. Once I designed the first one, and put it on I have never gone back. I think its pretty safe to say I will never keep my wallet in my pants pocket ever again.
(Can you see it?)

I have always been such a fan of earth tones, making gear easy on the eyes that matches both casual clothes and the surroundings. This has always felt very natural.
(Dan Villaire and Chris Lisle out at WCS10)

The past 5 years have been an amazing ride. I know the destination will be great, and I have to give thanks to everyone who has ever been involved in the slightest- that means even if you have a sticker on your computer or helped spread the word, bought something, or made us some type of trade some gear. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
(One more taste of where we come from.)
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