Its that time of the year again, X-Games returns to Aspen Colorado starting Thursday January 28th.  We are excited to watch some of our friends and family tree members compete in multiple disciples throughout the weekend.  

Henrik Harlaut X-Games

After last years crash its nice to see Henrik back to his healthy self with a refreshed mindset.

Thursday Jan 28th
6PM Men's Ski Super Pipe Finals
Friday Jan 29th
10AM Women's Snowboard Slopestye Finals 
12:30PM Women's Ski Slopestyle Final
6:30 PM Women's Ski SuperPipe Finals
Saturday Jan 30th
8:15PM Men's Ski Big Air Finals
Sunday Jan 31st
10AM Mens Ski Slopestyle Finals

Heres who we are going to be watching and rooting for:

Henrik Harlaut- Men's Ski Slopestyle and Big Air
Mcrea Williams- Men's Ski Slopestyle
Joss Christensen- Men's Ski Slopestyle
Vincent Gagnier- Men's Ski Big Air
Taylor Seaton- Men's Ski Superpipe
Devin Logan- Women's Ski Superpipe and Slopstyle
Jamie Anderson- Women's Snowboard Slopestyle


In anticipation of the upcoming week festivities both Henrik and Mcrea released edits that will get you excited for the weekend.  Its clear that both of these guys are hungry to prove they have what it takes to bring home the coveted X-Games gold metal.




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