A break from the office - Mushroom hunt

A break from the office - Mushroom hunt

Treefort Travelers Trunk x Pelican Updrift IPA from Treefort Lifestyles on Vimeo.


Pelican Brewery sent us a new IPA to try out, so we tossed a knife in the Travelers Trunk, quickly sewed up a foraging bag and went for a hike to see if we could find any cool mushrooms in the woods. Go give that new Updrift IPA a try 

We were hyped to find a bunch of different types of fungi going off. There has been some cold nights recently so we weren't very sure if we would find goodies or not. The break from the screen at the office and the nice drink was just what we needed.

It's still so fun to use the Travelers Trunk for all different activities. It's the best product we have for our adventure lifestyle and we use this bag for pretty much any and all occasions. It seems to fit in everywhere because its so low profile, but also helps carry the things you need, like a knife for harvesting mushrooms. 

No one wants to be hiking around the woods with a big cell phone in their small pants pockets. As the phones grown and pocket sizes shrink, we are glad to have created this little bag to help us out.  

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