Brady Perron just released a new website chronicling his favorite images and videos from recent travels and projects.  Brady, younger brother of co-owner Kevin, has been contributing photos, videos and ideas to Treefort since first inception in 2011.  Here is a taste of what Brady has been serving up:  www.b-person.com

Brady's has always been on a path that is driven by passion and creativity.  First building his name as an athlete, creating a unique style in skiing that you can still see emulated today.  Whether Brady is in front of the camera or behind it, he has the ability to push forward, innovate, and inspire not only himself but those around him.  Brady is amazing to work with, always seeing things differently and aiming to create a feeling that is unique to himself.  The vibe we feel when we watch Brady's work is undoubtably, nothing short of breathtaking.  Brady compiled his favorite Treefort Lifestyle shots for us in this 30 sec short.

The energy Brady brings to our team is one of a kind.  He has the ability to lift us up by motivating with fresh ideas, conversations and new connections.  Everything takes time and Brady has shown us that hard work and dedication will lead you to where you want to be.  His craft has evolved over the years, just like ours, now ready to showcase his work all in one place www.b-person.com.  Brady's smooth style on skis can be felt in his camera work. He has a great eye for capturing a feeling with attention to detail that leaves the viewer feeling like part of the scene. 

"Anyone can film and edit something but to truly give the viewer the same feeling as the when the moment was captured is the art.   Having an elevated perspective is key to be able to balance a creative mentality yet still understanding how others want to view something.  Brady is a great example of that mentality, and his work shows it." -Kevin Perron

Brady Perron Film

Photos by Dylan Ferguson

Find out more about Brady in his recent interview with Freeskier Magazine:  http://freeskier.com/stories/release-a-qa-with-brady-perron-about-life-around-the-lens

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