5 activities we all can do to avoid coronavirus

5 activities we all can do to avoid coronavirus

With all of the chaos surrounding the coronavirus, we can feel the stress and unease in the air. While it is important to take precautions, its also important to keep your sanity and not lose sight of the little things. 

Here are 5 of our favorite activities, that you can do, to keep you happy and healthy.

We rarely see other people on our hikes. Find a secluded destination with a cool view and make it a mission.


Maybe now is the time to put in the effort to that passion project you have been thinking about.


Rarely do we get the time to build a fire and relax around it. If you don't have an fire place inside, you can probably have one outside!

Instead of going to the bar, or a concert, have a game night and surround yourself with positive vibes.

Treefort Lifestyles

Take a moment to simply breathe.  Focusing on breathing has amazing health benefits including reducing stress and boosting the immune system.

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