Building the Fort

Building the Fort

It all started with a simple idea, a sewing machine and two friends from college. Over the last 4 years a simple idea has grown into a commitment to make high quality products in America. We aim to make life easier by adding useful products, that are progressing and changing things for the better. By manufacturing close to home with attention to detail, we can make a product we truly stand behind.

This story first begins when two friends with minimal sewing skills wanted to create something useful and progressive. The original idea behind Treefort Lifestyles was to fix the way current suspenders worked. After drawing our design, we were donated a sewing machine and with scrap materials we completed our first prototype. Fast forward 4 years and you will still find us creating and building on our own sewing machines at home.  By making products with our own hands first, we understand and look for ways to constantly evolve and improve our quality.  Our process begins on our sewing machines and when we are completely satisfied with our design we hand off the specs to our manufacturer in Portland, Oregon.

General Suspenders

This past year we have continued to focused on improving our materials, crafting our own leather logos, and introducing new products to our accessory line. Craftsmanship has been something that has always inspired us and we take pride in crafting our own leather products.  Each leather logos is handcrafted in our garage and this has progressed to a small line of leather goods.  Soon we will be releasing a line of U.S. Made hats with our own custom leather logos.

Caleb with New Hat

We choose to support other American Made products whenever possible, and we want to offer an option that you will be proud to support.

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