Celebrate Arbor Day

Celebrate Arbor Day

Today is Arbor Day and we are celebrating with FREE Shipping on all our U.S. Made accessories through Monday.  Arbor day originated over 400 years ago and is celebrated worldwide.  Today is all about the trees, help spread the love and importance of trees, get out and plant a tree, and don't forget to care for the older trees.  You know where we will be...hanging with the trees.

Live in the Trees


We are making room for new inventory by discounting our General Suspenders $10 to $39.99 through May 6th.  Our newest version of General and Lieutenant Suspenders have NEW woven logos made in Seattle, WA.  The suspenders are still constructed in Portland, OR in small quantities.  In case you missed the release of our NEW LTD Waxed Canvas Travelers Trunk, Click Here.  Only one left! 

New label on General Suspenders

Don’t forget to use our hashtags #treefortlifestyles and #elevatedperspective so we can see you rocking our gear!

Hannah Gildar Everest

@hannahgildar rocking the Cordura Travelers Trunk at Everest Base Camp.


Enjoy Celebrating Arbor Day and LOOKOUT for our next Instagram contest coming up on Tuesday May 2nd!

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