Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

There are so many worthwhile summer destination it can be daunting to decide where to plan your next vacation.  For anyone living in the Pacific Northwest, the Oregon Coast tops the list.  With temperate and spotty weather you never know what you will experience but you are guaranteed some of the most amazing views of Oregon's rugged coast line.  Photographer Gabriella Makena and Hailey Cecie packed up their tents, dogs, cameras and ventured to the coast.  Gabriella explains:

Pants Pocket on the coast

Hailey and I set out on an impromptu trip to the coast with our rambunctious pups, and only the essentials. We arrived at our campsite around 11pm, set up our tent and rested up. We got lucky the first day; warm weather and sunshine! We decided to head south in search of a good hike, and hidden beaches. While I drove down the 101, Hailey entertained herself with her Airbender Window Surfboard (and of course the amazing views). We ended up driving to the top of a hill in Yachats and actually getting a little lost on the trail… but hey, adventure is a wonderful thing, right?! After collecting Agates on a small beach, and letting the dogs explore some tide pools, we returned to camp and set up our hammocks, only to wake up in the middle of the night surrounded by raccoons, and drenched from the not-expected rain.Close up pants pocket

"The pants pocket holds all my needs! It is a super durable pocket and looks unique as well. It is a great pocket to take along on all of your activities."  Hailey Cecie

Air Bender Window surfboard necklace

The next day was typical Oregon coast weather. Rainy and cold. But that didn’t stop us!  We headed north to Newport and Lincoln City to explore the towns, and do some thrift shopping. On our way back down to camp, we made a stop at one of my favorite lookouts- Devils Punchbowl. Of course, I had to get out my camera, which meant Hailey had to take both of the pups. That was not an easy task considering the ground squirrels running around, kids petting the dogs, and the pups trying to play together! Luckily her phone was easily accessible in her denim pants pocket so she could snag some pictures too. We finished up our trip with a long, wet walk on the beach where we found fossils, pretty rocks, and the soothing sound and smell of the ocean.Air Bender leather necklace window surfboard

Tonight is a Full Moon.  If the skies are clear, take a moment to go outside and check out the "Full Buck Moon."  In July, the moon is referred to as a Buck Moon because its the time of year when male deer "bucks" typically begin to grow their new antlers.

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