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Treefort Lifestyles was created to make the little things in life better.  Often times a small change in perspective can make a big difference.  This is something you will hear from us a lot.  We choose to look at our brand and the way we do business from an Elevated Perspective.  We found that once you change your perspective and climb up into a Treefort, what you were once looking at from ground level has changed and you can begin to look at it differently.  Perspective can be a point of view, outlook, attitude, frame of mind, or standpoint.  Our goal is to help encourage others to push creativity, community, mindfulness and doing what is right, not what is easy. We do not see things as they are, we see things the way we are.  

Lukas S Elevated PErspective

Photo by Lukas Schafer

When we think of a treefort, we think of being a kid, stealing scrap wood from our dad's workshop and building a platform up in the trees.  Our approach to products was inspired by this youthful memory.  We are not trained in design or traditional sewing so when we made our first pair of suspenders we found different scraps to put together just like we did when we were kids building a fort.  Its all about using what is available and trying something new. You can't be sure it will work until you try.  Since we started working on products each new product design comes from the scraps of our previous projects.  You will find the same elastic from our suspenders in our travelers trunks. 

We choose to work with manufacturers and companies that are close to home.   We value the community that surrounds us more than making a couple extra dollars.  Our perspective on manufacturing is to lift up those around us.  When you can support others in the local community everyone can rise up.  The stronger the roots the taller the tree, the taller the tree the higher we can be. 

Rainbow Rocks

Lukas Schafer-Rainbow Canyon

We believe in creating original designs that represent our brand instead of coping what other companies have already created.  This can be extremely difficult but we found it won't happen until you begin to look at things differently.  

Don’t forget to use our hashtags #treefortlifestyles #elevatedperspective so we can see you rocking our gear!

Lukas with the Travelers Trunk

"The higher you climb the better the view"

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