Fishing with The Travelers Trunk

Fishing with The Travelers Trunk

We choose to make products that support multiple lifestyles; whether on the mountain, in the woods, by the river, or at the beach. The Travelers Trunk is a versatile pocket that can fit into many different aspects of daily life.

We spent the day with Mt. Hood locals Drew Smalley and Erika Vikander, who have been using our Trunks while Fly Fishing. 


Drew and Erika have both been working with us since the beginning, providing amazing photos and living the lifestyle we promote.  Drew is a fine arts photographer and Erika is nature enthusiast both choosing careers that keep them closely intertwined with the snowboard industry.  In the summers, with down time from snowboarding, you can find them fishing the local rivers.  Looking for a minimalistic pocket for a fly box and couple tools they gravitated towards the Travelers Trunk. Over time we noticed more and more of our friends using our Trunks when fly fishing which lead us to Cordura materials and rubber logos.

Drew and Erika

It only seemed fitting to make products that fit the lifestyles of those who surround us.  We have known Drew for years,  his name can be found in the roots of our family tree.  Drew's natural eye for photography branches from snowboarding to his own creative conceptual work.  He originally helped with product photos on our original website and was a key player in the development of the Lookout camera strap. Often times you will find him shooting real film and traveling with Erika to some of the most scenic places nature has to offer.

Drew Smalley Photo

Woodland Owl captured by Drew

Erika is constantly on the move, adventuring across the country throughout the winter competing in the Snowboard Freeride Tour.  Through her social media she promotes a healthy active lifestyle amongst her snowboarding adventures.  She is always motivated and energetic to get out on a hike or show us a new zone to explore.  Wherever she goes you will see her wearing a Travelers Trunk.

Erika Vikander Mt Hood

At Treefort we get inspired by our friends; the things we create and the materials we choose reflect their needs.  As our products evolve we look to key people like Drew and Erika to help fit their lifestyles, simple and versatile.

Find  Drew and Erika on the Web:
Drew > Instagram > Website
Erika > Instagram > Blog


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