Gianna Andrews Giveaway

Gianna Andrews Giveaway

We are teaming up with Pacific Northwest Artist Gianna Andrews to giveaway a one of a kind Treefort print on our Instagram page, June 5th!  

Treefort Lifestyles X Gianna Andrews from Treefort Lifestyles on Vimeo.

Gianna Andrews is originally from Vashon Island, studied in Bozeman, Montana, and spent this past winter living out of a cabin and shredding Stevens Pass.  Gianna's inspiration comes from being outside. Whether she is skiing powder, biking in thick forests, she returns to her studio surrounded by big leaf maples to translate action sports and outdoor surroundings into art.  We are inspired by Gianna's creative process and we asked her to paint us an original acrylic painting to hang in our new office.  We will be giving away a 8"x16" print to one lucky person next monday on Instagram @treefortlifestyles. Make sure to follow @giannaandrews to see her upcoming projects, Northwest inspired landscapes and art.

Gianna Andrews Final Treefort

After getting to know Gianna we found out art wasn't something she expected to pick up.  It wasn't until two years ago when she was severely injured mountain biking (fractured back) that she started to invest her time into painting and her creativity flourished, completing over 40 oil and acrylic paintings in addition to a mural for Alaska Heliskiing.  At Treefort Lifestyles neither of us expected to be sewing and designing products, but we can't ignore how things can naturally find their way into your life.  Through Gianna's creative process she has found a way to capture her free spirited lifestyle and believes in inspiring others to do what they love.  We enjoy her art because it created a feeling in our minds.  The variety of colors, matched with unique lines and her own genuine style creates the feeling that screams "live in the trees."

Gianna Andrews Live in the trees

"Ghostly and Friends"

"Although I haven’t always practiced art, I have always loved being creative. When people say to me “I can’t even draw,” or “I don’t know how you do that, I am terrible at art,” I remind them that (as cliché as it sounds) you can become good at anything if you put the time and effort in. Just like you weren’t born sending big lines… you had to put in a lot of hours on the bunny slopes and fall a lot. Creativity doesn’t always produce the perfect product. But once I learned how to back the creativity with routine practice, I saw huge improvements in my skill.” 

Gianna Andrews Artist

“I hope to inspire others to practice what they love while moving forward towards their dreams- even when they seem out of reach.” 

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