Introducing the Storm Flap

Introducing the Storm Flap

We are very excited to introduce the Storm Flap to the Treefort Lifestyle Products line.  These removable ear-flaps are a great addition to your favorite cap for winter months.  

Flannel lined black canvas storm flap removable ear flaps made by Treefort Lifestyle Product.

The Storm Flap came about when we were looking for an idea to upgrade our caps.  With the winter quickly approaching a way to make our hats warmer, naturally, we decided to add a layer.  

Flannel lined canvas has always been a feeling of warmth in the elements, and with the constant storm weather we have in the Pacific North West, we are always looking for another easy line of defense against the weather. 

Inside of the Storm Flap, a canvas flannel lined removable earflap insert for any cap.

The Storm Flap was originally intended to be an addition to the covert cap.  We had produced a sample with snaps in ear area which would allow for a few different styles of flaps but it just didn't do it for us.  It was a quick decision to not use these snaps and instead design something that would fit into any snapback cap using the sweat band and the adjustment strap to hold it in place. Despite the thought that there's no way these flaps would be comfortable or stay in the hat, they stayed in surprisingly well. I guess you don't know until you try.
The flannel lined Storm Flap in the Covert cap, made by Treefort Lifestyles.
This was exciting because we don't want to limit our products to only working with our own products. At this point it seemed there was another step in simplifying the design in hopes to allow the Storm Flap to fit into any hat with a sweatband and not limiting it to a snapback.  

It's funny because when this project started, it seemed designing the shape would be easy but getting the flap to stay in the hat would be the tough part, but this wasn't the case at all.  The first shape came out looking as imagined, but didn't function as imagined, the flat flap shape looked good but the size caused the hat to push forward covering the eyebrows.
Brady Perron in the waxed canvas Treefort Covert Cap and Storm Flap kit.
The changes began, to taper the flap so it would stop pushing forward and still cover the ears as well as the window a snap back leaves.  One small change would lead to a whole new fit of the flap, which means changes in the measurements of the pattern, and soon enough there was 8 patterns and 20 samples before finally finalizing the design.

Treefort Lifestyles flannel lined canvas Storm Flap ear flap in construction. The Treefort Lifestyles flannel lined canvas Storm Flap in green and tan under construction.

 With the concept and the shape completed, it is very exciting to post this new product to our website with the idea of creating other styles of ear flaps and attachments for your hats.  

We will be doing $5 off the new Storm Flap for a week following the release of this item.  Upgrade your hat while the cold months are here.

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