Lupe is in X-Games Real Ski!

Lupe is in X-Games Real Ski!

It's great to see the younger generation growing up and becoming a huge part of the sport that they love so much. We have known Lupe for a long time through skiing and being based in Mt. Hood Oregon. Pretty much every spring and summer Lupe has come out and set up camp in the woods with some friends to ski on the glacier at Timberline Lodge like many of the others in this Real Ski competition. He also worked at the legendary Windells summer ski camp as a coach inspiring next generation of freeskiers. This summer camp was a big part of forming many of our relationships with in the ski and snowboard community, and we love how they have stuck to their passion and continue to chase their dreams. 
X Games Real Ski may be our favorite X Games event ever! Real Ski is a team competition where X Games invites 6 professional skiers to partner with a filmmaker to create a short short video segment of the skier showcasing them finding creative ways to ski and do tricks in an urban environment. 

Lupe has been a long time friend of Treefort Lifestyles, and when he told us he got the invite this year we were HYPED for him. We wanted to do what we could to support him and his documenter, Owen as they took on this mission. 
Both of these guys are making a huge sacrifice to enter in this competition especially with the line up of competitors. They have to leave their normal form of income and gamble it on the chance for them to each win  X Games Gold Medals.
Earlier in December Lupe and Owen crammed their gear in the car, and left Salt Lake City on a mission to find snow in cities, mostly on the east coast. It's crazy to add up all the gear that this 2 person crew needs. To name a few things, they've got skis (back-ups are a must), camera gear, lights, a winch, rope, as well as whatever else one needs on a month long trip on the road.  We also decked them out with the gear they needed to be on the move for such a long period of time.
Since Lupe has been on the road, it seems like he's either been in sweat pants recovering or snow pants working. This is where the keeping your phone / cash / cards handy, in one place, secure, easily accessible and out of the pockets helps the day go way smoother. We all know it's the little things that save us, and this little travel bag has saved so many of us. Many of the people who use the Travelers Trunk daily say that they used to lose their wallet and phone all the time but since using a Travelers Trunk they haven't lost it. People like Tanner Hall have been able to keep the same Travelers Trunk for years and he is who who says he used to lose his wallet all the time. Who knew making a pair of ski and snowboard suspenders would lead us into making travel bags and side bags?  
It wasn't long after we built our first pair of Generals that Lupe was rocking Treefort suspenders. It wasn't too long after the putting out the suspenders that the Travelers Trunk released, which is a travel style, neck wallet / side bag that actually attached to our Treefort suspenders to function like a removable bib pocket that could go with you everywhere.  Over the years, the Travelers Trunk gained traction as a side bag / travel wallet and people rarely hooked it up to their suspenders. Lupe has been rocking a Travelers Trunk and he was one of the first to have a Travelers Trunk.  
We gotta give thanks to people like Lupe who is one of the original supporters of this brand. So many people like him have helped spread the word about Treefort in a genuine way by wearing the product and truly loving it. The Travelers Trunk as well as the Forager side bag really helps keep us organized while on the go so it doesn't feel like you have a bunch of junk crammed in your pockets. It's great for the action sports and outdoorsy people who are always on the move because it allows you to keep organized and carry the main items you need without much room for anything else. The idea is that, by carrying less, you can do more, see more and be more. 
As of now, all the competitors have finished and submitted their final project. X Games judges will pick the winner of the Gold, however, we the people get to pick a fan favorite! On this Monday, February 22nd, we will all be able to see the long awaited edits on ESPN from all of the 6 competitors and we will get to vote for who we think should win the fan favorite. 

It is really fun for us here at Treefort this year because we have several friends and supporters who were invited into this competition. Not only are we excited to see Lupe and Owen's segment but we also are hyped to see the legend Tanner Hall return to X Games for this event, as well as the first female in real ski, Taylor Lundquist. Both, Alex Hall and Alex Hackel are also in this competition and these guys have been wearing our original product, the Generals suspenders for years. Keep an eye out for the the Generals to make both sneaky and obvious cameos in the edits.  To watch and vote click here.

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