Never Stop Being a Kid

Never Stop Being a Kid

As we start getting older, we are taught to grow up and loose touch of our inner child. We are here to remind you that you never have to stop being a kid. The birth of Treefort Lifestyles was started when we began piecing together scrap materials much like a kid would piece together scrap wood stolen from dad’s work shop to build a Treefort. We didn't know what we were doing but thats what made it fun.  We were lucky enough to be introduced to Doug, an Oregonian that has created his own lifestyle in the Trees.

Doug Treefort Living

Doug has been working on his own property after buying it over 12 years ago. He told us he had always wanted to have a treehouse to enjoy with others. We came over to his property after he had spent a year working on the fort. Needless to say we were blown away by how the space looked inside and out, maybe a little jealous as to how cool it really was. We are always inspired by those who find a way to elevate their lifestyle.  The fort is still under construction, Doug wants to finish the siding this summer and continue to work on the interior. We plan on checking back in when its completed.

Treehouse in Estacada Oregon

We were lead to the fort by a long platform that lands on a small deck with a sunken in door and club house signs scattered all over.  Upon entry we found a 10x12 foot main room with stairs leading up to a second story loft. Shooting up through the fort were two large trees that combined natural wood and manufactured beams.  When you touched the trees you would feel the sap oozing from the living beasts.  Upstairs in the loft we found a swinging chair, mini fridge with old school Super Nintendo videos games, where you would never have to grow up.

Dustin Kimsey Treehouse Estacada OR

Big glass windows allowed us to survey the property from an elevated perspective. A large rotating swing outside the fort kept us laughing and playing as if we were 12 years old again.  The property was filled with unique metal work that Doug crafted in his spare time. We loved how he was able to turn scrap metal into something so unique and cool that we couldn’t help but think about where we started.  We used to find whatever we could to piece together suspenders and pockets in the early days. Truly inspiring. The fort was impressively spacious inside, we fit 8 people upstairs in the loft and played video games under black lights with full electric hookups. Doug told us about his plans with the downstairs and goals of a fully operational kitchen.

Inside the Treehouse in Estacada OR

We believe that once you climb up into a tree, your perspective changes allowing you to see above your everyday perspective. Our view of the world has forever changed when we started building Treefort Lifestyles. We found that you don’t have to follow others and do what is considered normal in society. We believe its important to hold onto what makes you a kid, always experiencing excitement. We treat our company as something fun and youthful just like when you were a kid tacking up wood into a tree to gain an elevated perspective.

Special thank you to Brooklynn Lykes, Mimi Zink and Doug for sharing this space with us!

Hanging on the Deck of Treehouse Estacada OR

Photos by Gabriella Makena @wuhugabuphotos

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