New Product, New Styles

New Product, New Styles

Today we welcome a new product "the Safe" and brand new Prospect Beanies.  The safe can be used as a first aid kit or you can save the supplies and use it to carry and protect your valuables. With space for a lock, this rugged versatile dry box can save your next adventure.

carrying the safe dry box

Fully loaded with first aid supplies this crushproof, watertight case gives you easy access to all your essential items. Made from high impact ABS plastic, stainless steel hinge, and a waterproof seal, we guarantee your everyday items will be safe. 

New product the safe waterproof box

Waterproof                         Crushproof                      Lifetime Warranty


drybox made in usa

Available in two sizes 

Supplied with latex gloves, knuckle bandages, 3''x1'' plastic bandages, butterfly bandages, 3"x3" gauze pads, 2" x 4 ft gauze roll, .5" tape roll, triple antibiotic ointment, alcohol prep pads, and pain relievers.  Click HERE for more.

prospect beanies made in usa

We brought back our classic acrylic Prospect Beanies with an updated look!

Prospect Beanies colorways

Click HERE for more. 
Use promo code "Liveinthetrees" at checkout for Free Shipping & Lookout for our Safe Giveaway on our Instagram page today!

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