On the coast with Phil Casabon

On the coast with Phil Casabon

Phil Casabon at the Oregon Coast

Not too long ago Phil Casabon came through Mt. Hood for a few weeks to do some summer skiing at Timberline on Mt. Hood... Keep your eyes peeled for an incredible B-Dog x Mt. Hood cut coming down the pipeline this fall. After 3 weeks of summer skiing followed by ice cold river dips, and plenty of hanging we decided it was time for a change of pace.

Treefort and Phil Casabon at the Oregon Coast

On Phil's last day we stashed some goodies in our treefort travel bags, grabbed a towel, some snacks and hit the road to go swoop up Rory Silva before ending up at our final destination of the Oregon coast.  Phil had never been to the Oregon coast before so it was great to be able to show him around a few spots even though he would have much rather stayed at 1 spot all day.  We compromised by hitting only 2 classic spots, Ecola State Park ( the Goonies beach), and then to Short Sands for the rest of the day before a stop at the seafood market.

Walking the beach on the Oregon Coast

These quick trips are so nice in Oregon. You can get to so many different style places in the matter of 3 hours. Using our travel bags while on these road trips is so handy as we go in and out of the car to check out all the spots. Always having the phone, sunglasses and other necessities without even thinking about it.  Also having empty pockets while sitting in the car becomes a massive bonus.

Welcome to the Pacific Ocean with Treefort Lifestyles and Phil Casabon

It was great showing Phil around the amazingness that is the Oregon Coast for the first time. Also, getting out of town and going on a quick road-trip like this was so needed. A quick mission like this is so refreshing, it's just so hard to leave a place like this. Back in the car we went to head back to our little dream zone the rainforest of Mt. Hood. 

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