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Over Looked: Preston Hoffman

"Over Looked" is a new video series, we will be producing in 2019.  Our first piece features Washington based Filmer/Photographer Preston Hoffman in his home territory.  We explore Preston's perspective, what inspires him, and the little things that may be overlooked in your daily life.
Age: 24
Location: Bellingham, WA
Hometown: Las Animas, CO
Years Shooting: 5
We met Preston a few years ago while he was road tripping through Oregon.  Since then we have always kept in touch, enjoyed and shared his work.  Over the years of getting to know Preston, we found that we share many of the same perspectives in life and in work. 
 Preston Camerapreston writing
His story is rooted in discovery, exploration, unique perspectives and a camera.  A passion for photography took an unexpected turn into film last year when he was asked to produce a series of web videos.  He discovered that videography opened up a vast range of unexplored territory and the ability to tell a story created a whole new passion.  Prestons photos always had a story to tell but by combining his visual work with storytelling his craft lifted to a new level. Watching Preston progress his passion from a hobby to a full-time job has been inspiring to us and we can't wait to see what's next for him.  
preston hoffman filmer photographer
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