Perspectives by Lukas Schaefer

Perspectives by Lukas Schaefer

Perspectives (Lukas Shafer) from Treefort Lifestyles on Vimeo.

I like to spend my time outside, standing on ridges or peaks in the mountains, exploring the forest, to observe animals and watching the sun rise and set. I like to gaze into the night sky for hours and to let the moonlight shine onto my face. I like the snow and the freezing cold air of winter when I ski or while I'm exploring and taking photos.  I like the warm summer breeze when I hang out somewhere high up looking down. Simply, I like to appreciate the simplicity of life, the gift to be here on this planet and to be able to feel and see the endless beauty our mother nature creates every single day.

Lukas Shaffer Elevated

Elevated Perspective in the Dolomites Mountains, Italy.

Lukas Shaffer hanging in hammock

With Treefort Lifestyles I found a brand that confirms me in my lifestyle and in the fact that richness isn’t about money or the material having. It’s about well spent moments out in nature, moments with people we love and the feeling of connection. The feeling of being connected with our loved ones, all the other life on this planet and our natural habitat, nature. These are the things that make a human being smile and feel good and that’s what I believe life is all about.

Lukas Shaffer Dolomites

With my pictures and videos I want to share these moments of appreciation, connection and happiness, in the hope that more and more people will see and start to appreciate the little things in life, because these are the things that make me happy from the bottom of my heart.

Lukas Shaffer in the trees

A good friend of mine and I are running a photo/video company called Wild Zoo Entertainment.  You can explore more photos and videos, created by him, myself or together at

-Lukas Schaefer

Tonight is a Full Moon.  If the skies are clear, take a moment to go outside and check out the "Harvest Moon."  In September, the moon is referred to as a Harvest Moon because it was time to harvest crops and farmers could work by the light of the full moon.

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