SUP x Crows Nest Coozie and the last bits of summer.

SUP x Crows Nest Coozie and the last bits of summer.

As summer came to an end it was exciting to get out on the lake and paddle around a few weeks ago.  We have realized how perfect our products are for being on the lake because they allow you to have the things you need when you are completely without any pockets. Even in our Canopy Cap you can find a sneaky pocket.

Nick is about to head out on the lake for a SUP paddle with his treefort crows nest coozie and canopy cap

We were at a summer camp in New Hampshire for a wedding and they had canoes, kayaks, SUP boards, and all the rest of the activities you might find on a lake.  We took advantage of this all weekend cruising the coastline of this little lake and checking out some of the marshlands.

a guy setting up a canoe for a paddle while wearing the treefort lifestyles hands free crows nest coozie and canopy cap

As we dragged the canoe into the water I was reminded at how nice it is to have a crows nest coozie.  I personally tend to set things down and make piles that are in different places so I am constantly loosing or forgetting one item.  The one item you don't want to forget when you go for a short paddle like this is your beverage and by having it strapped to my neck with the crows nest coozie I was continuously relived.

a close up of the deluxe crows nest coozie keeping a canned beverage cool by hanging it in the water.

We made the crows nest coozie with rugged cordura and neoprene which means the whole coozie is made of waterproof materials so I didn't think twice to hang it in the water for a cool off while we waited for the crew.

Far away shot of nick paddling through a shallow channel in the lake near some bright fall colored trees while wearing the treefort lifestyles crows nest coozie

The colors were just starting to pop out in the marshy areas of the lake. Not too often is the weather this warm and foliage this colorful.  One of the nice things about SUP'ing is being able to cruise through shallow water.  It's so fun to guide through a swampy place and not hit the ground.

Nick paddles out onto the main lake with treefort lifestyles crows nest coozie hanging from his neck

It was real fun getting out on the water again. This maybe the last time until the spring next year.  Now it is on to winter for all of us, which is no time to put away your crows nest coozie.  It's very exciting to see the crossover of how we use a product like the crows nest coozie both in the summer and winter.

- photos by Perri Runion -

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