The trailheads are too busy....

The trailheads are too busy....

Ella along the river in Washington

It seems that since Covid started, every single trailhead in the PNW has been packed. It's great that more and more people are getting out of the city and breathing some fresh air, we encourage it. However, one of the reasons we spend so much time in the woods is to actually separate from the people, which makes the full trailheads a bit of a problem for us. 

Ella and Parker by the river in Washington State
Being from New England, I was blown away to learn about "forest service roads" and how many of them exist in the PNW.  Often these same roads bring you to trail heads, but there are hidden gems all around that everyone driving to the trail head drives right by. When we are looking to get away from the people, we find potentially cool pull-off spots on these roads and give look around. Often times the forest roads are following a stream or river and thats is what we went for on this recent mission.

Parker wearing the new SPF 50 sunshirt by Treefort Lifestyles
It was great because both Parker and Ella are huge supporters of Treefort and they already rock all the gear. Recently Parker bought our new Cloud Hoodie, which is a light weight performance, SPF 50 long sleeve and he wore that out on this mission to reflect that powerful sun. Parker also had his Forager Side Bag rigged up to his Slack Pack for the mission. He keeps the dog items in the Forager and all of his goodies in the slack pack.  He simply slides the strap of the Slack Pack through the fat belt loop on the back of the Forager Side Bag and slings them over his shoulder. He can fit the things he needs, and he is stoked not to have a sweaty back from an unnecessary backpack.

Hanging by the river in Washington with Treefort Lifestyles
It's a blast adventuring around with Parker and Ella because they are always so stoked on nature. These two are always foraging for cool rocks, crystals, mushrooms, berries, and other beautiful things that nature makes. Hanging by this creek bed was great for all these things. We ended up chillin with a butterfly for a while and finding some Tayberries! 

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