WINTER GIVEAWAY w/ Armada Skis, Outdoor Tech, Drink Coffee Do Stuff, P

WINTER GIVEAWAY w/ Armada Skis, Outdoor Tech, Drink Coffee Do Stuff, Pit Viper & Treefort Lifestyle Products



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This giveaway is not only an opportunity to get yourself geared up, but also to give these great companies more opportunity! Let's all support each other! As a result of signing up, your email will be given to each brand involved in this giveaway so they can notify you of updates within their brand.

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We will save all the email entries and on the morning after the new moon, Feb 24th we will use a random name generator to pick a winner! Keep a lookout in your email to see if you won! Winner must be willing to tag all the brands in giveaway on social media when the gear arrives, and also must be willing to let us share that you won the giveaway!

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Please tell your friends about this giveaway so there is more opportunity for everyone. If they don't ski, they should still enter, maybe they will give you the skis if they win?

Outdoor Tech: Addressing the ever growing issue of blending a modern lifestyle in the age of mobile technology with the drive to be outdoors.

- Turtle Shell 3.0 – Rugged Water-proof Bluetooth Speaker

- Calamari 3.0 – Ultimate Charging cord for all types of plugs

- Kodiak Ultra – Rugged Power Bank for your outdoorsy missions


Drink Coffee Do Stuff: Built with the belief that extraordinary coffee leads to an extraordinary life.

- From ____ with Love – A medium/dark blend nuanced with flavors of mulled wine and orange marmalade, From ________, With Love is perfect for drip, pour over or espresso.

- Coffee Shop Espresso – shots begin with sweet notes of chocolate fudge and candied almond, and finish with a creamy mouthfeel – perfect alone or with milk.

- Hell Yeah – Great flavors of Swiss chocolate, Macadamia nut and an unforgettable sweetness.

- Tips Up Tahoe – Just as nothing compares to waking up to pow days, muddy trails, and Sierra Sunrises, no coffee compares to this Tahoe French Roast.

- Bark at the Moon – With rich flavors of dark chocolate and sweet tobacco coupled with a caramel-like aftertaste our Bark At The Moon blend is the outdoor lover's dark roast.


Pit Viper: Built to make your every move seem like that of a Greek god; Pit Vipers take you to the next level.

- The Spine Tingler – No description needed, feel the tingle.

- The Party in Plaid – Ask Travis Pastrana about his favorite shades. 

Armada Skis: What skiing will become.

- ARV 86 - 177 cm – One of the best feeling skis for park laps or all over the whole mountain. Armada skis really let you feel what's beneath your feet and is very responsive, giving your the best control one can ask for.


Treefort Lifestyle Products: Created from the idea of DIY, learning from mistakes, and fixing problems using what you’ve got. 

- Forager Bag – Perfect for your everyday moves, rain or shine.

- Tree Tap – Unique barn-board, custom magnetic bottle opener and cap catcher.

- Deluxe Travelers Trunk – Organizes & carry your phone, cards, cash, sunglasses, and room for a few other of your favorite things.

- Crows Nest Coozie – Hands free when you need to be! If you are like us, you're probably doing an activity of sort while having a drink and need to free your hands.

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