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Canvas Travelers Trunks

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The Travelers Trunk Travel Wallet is the perfect wallet for anyone, whether you are catching a flight, hitting the road, a beachgoer, or alpine skier, the Traveler Trunk wallet is along for the trip. Keep everything in one place, nicely organized, and in a place where you know it's safe. This stylish neck wallet has slots for your phone and all the important travel documents like your passport, boarding pass, parking validation. Or use the Traveler's Trunk as an everyday wallet to keep your phone, cash, credit card, gift card, punch card, and any other card you may need. Equipt with a slip pocket, velcro pocket, velcro bifold wallet with card slots, sunglass loop, and slip pockets designed to be the ultimate wallet for those on a journey.

Hang the Traveler's Trunk travel wallet around your neck or keep it strapped close on your belt with the belt loop.


Velcro pocket H: 6” W: 5”
Phone sleeve H: 5.5” W: 4”
Two credit card organizers
Fits iPhone Plus and smaller
Belt loop
Cash sleeve
Leather sunglasses Loop
Hand Crafted in Oregon Hand picked materials
*Not machine washable


  • • Anyone who is sick of these huge phones in their pockets
  • • Anyone who always loses their keys, wallet, phone, etc.
  • • Pocket-stuffers
  • • Pocket-patters
  • • Those who wear Yoga pants / leggings
  • • Those who wear tight pants
  • • Someone who needs their daily essentials in one place so you can leave at a moment’s notice.
  • • The dude with too thick of a wallet from all the punch cards, coupons, receipts, and photos of his dog.
  • • Ladies who may want something a lot smaller, more comfortable, and travels easier than the average purse.
  • • The person who always loses or sends their chapstick and sends it through the laundry
  • • The traveler that loves to collect cool rocks or trinkets throughout their journeys
  • • Anyone who still uses a paper map when they travel
  • • The person that can't ever keep their lighter
  • • The person that has too many lighters

We made the Travelers Trunk to help keep our things organized and in one place as we moved through the day. What started as a simple bib pocket for our suspenders quickly became a passport travel wallet by adding a necklace rope, a front door wallet section and a quick drop cell phone sleeve.

We were sick of carrying our wallet, ipod and cell phone in our pants pockets while skiing and snowboarding, but when we made the bib pocket, that only did the trick while riding... what about the rest of the day? The empty pockets were so nice we wanted to be able to house the wallet and phone outside of our pockets after skiing too, and this is where the Travelers Trunk was born.

By adding a few key pieces to the puzzle we basically created a new age passport wallet that stores and protects your passport, cards, cash, phone and more in a compact bag that can be hidden under your garment while traveling. This product became extremely handy traveling by keeping us organized, keeping the ID, boarding pass and passport all in the same place, as well as out of our pockets.

We used to be strictly leather wallet guys, and that meant we were messing up our backs by always sitting on everything we could fit in the bifold wallet. Now we are hyped because we can carry more even though it feels like we are carrying less. With a few stretchy sleeves for your credit cards, you can be sure to fit all forms of payment including a stash spot for cash. We also added a loop on the side for sunglasses and a belt loop on the back so you can attach the pocket to your backpack, belt, or anything else for that matter.

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