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Black Denim Forager Side Bag by Treefort Lifestyles
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Forager Side Bag by Treefort Lifestyles

Denim Forager Side Bag

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Whether you're exploring the forest floor, wandering along the coastline, commuting through the city, the new Denim Forager Side Bag comfortably fits everything you need throughout your day or your trip. Carry those extra things you really wish you always had with you like your earbuds, an extra battery pack, and a snack. This bag is extra rugged and water resistant due to the new waterproof backed fabric. The Forager side bag is a great option to slim down from fanny packs, backpacks, or large purses. This unisex bag is a 1 size fits all with an adjustable strap and minimalist style. Guys can now rock the man-purse as a crossbody bag keeping your pockets free. Ladies love the forager's small design and use it as a sling bag rather than lugging around an oversized shoulder bag.


Main compartment with Zippered Pocket H: 7.75" W: 6"
Front Zipper Pocket H: 6" W: 6"
The Forager bag Fits iPhones Middle Slip pocket
water resistant
Two credit card slots
Adjustable Shoulder Strap clips to Steel D-Rings
Belt Loop strap
Made with 1000D Cordura Fabric


  • • Anyone who is sick of these huge phones in their pockets
  • • Anyone who always loses their keys, wallet, phone, etc.
  • • Pocket-stuffers
  • • Pocket-patters
  • • Those who wear Yoga pants Those who wear tight pants
  • • Someone who needs their daily essentials in one place so you can leave at a moment’s notice.
  • • The dude with too thick of a wallet from all the punch cards, coupons, receipts, and photos of his dog.
  • • Ladies who may want something a bit smaller, more comfortable, and travels easier than the average purse.
  • • The person who always loses or sends their chapstick and sends it through the laundry
  • • The traveler that loves to collect cool rocks or trinkets throughout their journeys
  • • Anyone who still uses a paper map when they travel The person that can ever keep their lighter
  • • The person that has too many lighters

We designed the Forager bag to be simple allowing it to function easy, have many uses, and fit bigger phones than the Travelers Trunk. Our concept was that so much information fits into these little devices that we don’t really need book-bags or messenger bags to carry around all of this info anymore. That being said, we wanted to take the look of a backpack and really scale it down to be a low profile side bag that gave easy access to your phone.

The Forager Side bag was created for those who are always on the go and don’t have time to be looking around for their wallet, and keys, and phone, and lighter, and chapstick... you get the point. We all know the feeling of frantically searching the last place you saw your things when it’s time to hit the road. With The Forager Side bag, you now have a way to keep all the essentials in one place, ready to grab and go. We hated that feeling of stuffing keys, wallet, phone, and other knick knacks down in our pockets, then doing a pocket pat-down search on yourself in order to find that item you need. Relax, your Forager Side Bag has everything neatly tucked in its space and easily found. Like our Travelers Trunk Travel wallet, the Forager keeps everything you need nice and close but with a bit more space to keep the extra gadgets out of your pockets and organized and easy to get to.

Since this realization we see countless people, both men, and women, carrying huge bags or bulky fanny packs, this looks exhausting and restricting. With the Forager Side Bag, you can keep everything nice and organized in one place, no matter how many kick-knacks you may have.

We live for the outdoors and traveling. We built our products not only to function the way we want but we used materials that will hold up to the adventure lifestyle we all live. The Forager bag is made of Cordura, like the original Travelers Trunks, because it is a rugged and waterproof material, and is a great option to the classic fanny pack.

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