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The Matter Mask for Kids by Treefort Lifestyles
The Matter Mask for Kids with adjustable neck strap
The Matter Mask for Kids in Sage Green by Treefort Lifestyles
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Matter Mask for Kids

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It's the little things that matter the most. We wanted to fix those little issues we have with masks and in doing that we ended up with the "Matter Mask". This design keeps your ears from hurting with long use due to the non stretch adjustable cord. This cotton cord loops around your ears and then around your neck ultimately creating a necklace allowing you to tighten and adjust the mask, as well as gives you easy on easy off ability with the necklace.

This child size cotton mask is reusable and washable. The mask is two layers creating a sleeve for filters, or you can use a disposable face mask as your filter. The Kids Matter Mask does not come with filters, but it will fit them.


Adjustable necklace cord
Made of Muslin Cotton
Non stretch cotton ear loops
Hand Crafted in Oregon Replaceable filter sleeve
Hand Crafted in Oregon Dimensions : 6.25" x 3.25"

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